Java High Solid Colour


Java High Solid is a natural, semi transparent, deep coloured grain fill hard oil. It is a high solid oil and wax combination made with a high concentration of artist quality, UV stable micro earthen pigments. JHS is used for colouring timber and cork floors, as well as furniture, joinery and interior paneling. Also used for children’s toys. Suitable timbers include Pine, Rimu, Kauri, Macrocarpa, Beech, Oak, and Douglas Fir (Oregon). Java High Solid is not recommended for use on dense hardwoods or timbers with a high oil and resin content such as Kwila or Totara.

Java High Solid has an extremely high spread rate of 24 sqm/L.  One 4L container will colour a floor up to 100 sqm.

Java High Solid Colour

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blue spec's    green MSDS    FireComProudly made by us in New Zealand,  Java High Solid is a natural, semi transparent, deep coloured grain fill hard oil. It is a high solid oil and wax combination made with a high concentration of artist quality, UV stable micro earthen pigments. JHS is used for colouring timber and cork floors, as well as furniture, joinery and interior paneling.

Available in:   Aged, Walnut, Antique, Rimu, Cigar Box, Kauri, Caruba, Ironbark, Graphite, Schist, Patina, Pearl, Ebony, Enhancer, Mid White, Strong White and White Foundation.

A wide selection of colours available on a bespoke basis.

Use:  For interior solid timber, parquet, wood veneer, particle board, unglazed terracotta and cork.

Preparation:  The surface must be dry, clean and free of grease (moisture content max 17%).  Special care should be taken to remove any dust from the pores of the timber. Fill all small holes or surface dents using a wood filler or mix sanding dust with Java High Solid Clear Oil to make your own.  All excess filler must be completely removed by sanding.  It is imperative that the Java HS can penetrate the surface.

Note: It is advisable to test colours on a small sample, colours may appear different on various timber varieties.

New Surfaces:  Sand the surface to a medium finish, 120-150  grade paper is recommended.  Carefully remove any dust.

IMPORTANT … do not burnish the surface of the timber by trying to achieve a very fine sand. (150 grade maximum), use extreme care with high resin timbers such as Matai and Totara. To achieve a dry time of approx 12 hours, the temperature should be in the range of 17 – 20 deg C.

Renovated Surfaces:  Existing polyurethane and old finishes must be completely removed by sanding and treated as a new surface.

Application by brush:  Always apply sparingly, and evenly using a good quality bristle hand or floor brush. For joinery, hand brush across the grain and then dry brush with the grain to an even finish without brush marks. The product can be cloth applied (lighter colour intensity). Do not over apply.

A 230mm  Floor Brush (available from Natural House Company), is recommended for floors and large areas). Pour the product into a paint tray and dip the tip of the brush, dabbing evenly on the tray spreader. First brush across the grain to massage the colour into the timber.  Next, dry   brush several times with the grain until the Java HS Colour is even and there are no visible brush marks. Using the floor brush makes this quite a quick process  over large areas and when applied evenly  negates the necessity to wipe back. If you do apply too much, wipe your brush on a cotton cloth and keep dry brushing over the area with the grain, and/or wipe back to an even finish with a cotton cloth or towel.

Application by roller:  Apply sparingly, thoroughly and evenly along the wood grain with a Microfibre roller. Wipe back and remove excess to reveal the even coloured grain of the timber (using an old towel on the end of a broom for floors) or a cotton lint free cloth on joinery. Wipe back within a timeframe of 20 minutes, or before the finish becomes tacky.

The second application should be a fine coat of Java High Solid Oil Clear applied by microfibre roller on top of the Java HS Colour when dry.

Be careful to prevent build up along edges.  Leave each application to dry overnight (12 hours or until no longer tacky), allowing as much ventilation as possible to give adequate air exchange. Warm air exchange is essential for normal drying times.

Apply a third coat on floors, as for the second. Leave to dry 12-24 hours with good ventilation.

Initial Floor Care: Treat all new floor surfaces with care as they continue to harden for up to 2 weeks. Correctly applied, Java HS Oil will cure to full strength after a period of 10-14 days, avoid prolonged water contact and do not damp mop before this time.

Maintenance:  Floors-Use ‘Microwax’. for your weekly cleaning (3 capfuls into 5L warm water and detergent).  Use undiluted ‘Microwax’ to take the refraction out of any scratches, buff in with a cloth to rejuvenate the surface when necessary.

Cleanup: Clean brushes/rollers in white spirit, followed by warm soapy water.

Safety  Instructions: Keep out of reach of children.  Do not pour oil residue into the sewer.

Spread any oil soaked cloths/towels out to dry before disposal, otherwise self combustion can occur.

Composition: Tung Oil, Wood Rosin, Carnauba Wax, Castor Wax, Porcelain Clay, Micro Earthen Pigments, Zirconium and Manganese Driers, Disaromatised Refined White Spirit.


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