Java High Solid


We are thrilled to introduce our Java High Solid Finish. A New Zealand made, extremely concentrated, grain fill, slip resistant floor and joinery finish.  A durable rich satin finish made from plant oils, tree resins and waxes, Java High Solid is an easy to apply two to three coat system. With double the spread rate of normal oils this finish is excellent value.

Also available in ‘White Foundation’ to keep timbers looking lighter … a more ‘Scandanavian’ feel.

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Java High Solid

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blue spec's    green MSDS    FireCom Java High Solid Oil is a highly concentrated, New Zealand made, grain fill, floor and joinery finish.  A durable rich satin finish made from plant oils, tree resins and waxes, Java High Solid is an easy to apply two to three coat system. It’s grain filling capacity provides an even finish without the need to wipe back. Delightful fragrance on application, safe, durable, slip resistant, easy care finish when dry. Java High Solid penetrates into timber, parquet, particle board, cork and concrete, filling the substrate to the surface. It enhances the beauty of timber, will not crack or peel and is  micro-porous when cured allowing the surface to breathe. Java High Solid performs extremely well on New Zealand timbers.

An very concentrated product applied sparingly by brush or Microfibre Roller.  Approximate finished sqm cost $6.50

What to expect with an oiled floor:  Initial imperfections and variances are normal with oil finishes. These are usually caused by differing absorption rates between floor boards.  Controlling temperature, humidity and air exchange has a large bearing on the dry time and initial appearance of natural oil finishes.

Most important is to be secure in the knowledge that an oiled floor will improve with time. Blemishes, scratches and variations will even out, gaining a rich patina, like an old, cherished, church floor.  Adding Microwax to your wash water when damp mopping, enhances this natural change and Microwax can be used at any time to cloth out surface marks.

Please note:   All natural products are affected by the sun. Excessive amounts of strong sunlight and UV rays will have a detrimental affect on wooden floors, possibly changing the colour and drying out the timber.  The most dramatic change is usually within the first 6 months of application. It is recommended that rugs and furniture be moved periodically to avoid areas of uneven colour. The affects of UV can be greatly reduced by choosing window treatments which minimalise the transmission of ultra violet light from the sun.  A less common issue but one to be aware of is, the possible effect of ‘Dark Yellowing’ on all oil based finishes. This can be caused by a reaction to Ammonia in areas of low ventilation and by the absence of sunlight under rugs and behind pictures.  Ammonia is released from many wall paints when drying, and also from certain cleaners and household products.

Coverage: 24 sqm/L

30ml Sample : $2.00 (order sample here)
0.5 Litre     : $57.00
1 Litre         : $95.00
4 Litre         : $339.50
10Litre        : $742.50

Brief: Superb, hard wearing grain fill hard oil finish for soft, medium and hardwood timber floors and joinery. A velvet satin finish , fully maintainable for the life of the floor.

Use: For interior solid timber, particle board, plywood concrete and slate.

Easy to apply 2/3 coat system, no primer required, pleasant  fragrance during application and curing. Contains no biocides nor preservatives and is safe for man, animal and plant when dry. Safe for children’s toys.

Preparation: The surface must be dry, clean and free of grease. Special care should be taken to remove any dust from the pores of the timber.

New surfaces : Sanding must be even and completed to a high standard. The final sand should be medium to fine fine using 120 grade paper.

Renovated surfaces : Old, well preserved oil coatings should be thoroughly cleaned and given a light sand. Apply 1 to 2 coats of floor oil. Old damaged and weathered coatings should be completely removed and then treated as a new surface.

Application: Apply the resin oil sparingly and evenly, using a 6mm micro fibre roller or suitable brush applicator. Temperature should be between 17 -23 deg C with adequate air exchange.

Let dry for 12 hours between coats. Depending on the timber, several applications of Java High Solid should be applied. A typical floor will require two fine coats of oil.

Heavy traffic areas are best treated with three fine coats.

A final coat of undiluted ‘natur microwax’ is optional and can be applied to give the floor a slightly richer patina. The easiest way to buff the microwax is to put a clean towel on the end of a broom and buff firmly in the direction of the grain or use a floor polisher with a  white 3M pad.

Safety: Keep out of reach of children. Do not pour oil residue into the sewer. Let the remnants dry out and dispose of with your domestic rubbish collection.

Do not crumple soaked rags (otherwise spontaneous combustion may occur).

Cleaning: Clean Brushes and rollers in white spirit followed by warm soapy water.

Maintenance: Use ‘Microwax’ (3 capfuls into 5L water) with your cleaning detergent when damp mopping. This will continue to feed the floor and properly maintained, you will have a floor for life. ‘Microwax’ can be used undiluted at any time to add a patina and remove the visibility of surface scratches.

Composition:  Tung Nut Oil, Linseed Stand Oil, Colophony, Wood Rosin, Carnauba Wax, Castor Wax, Metal Based Driers, Essential Oil,  Micro Porcelain, Refined White Spirit.

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