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  • Microwax

    A rejuvenating maintenance system for oiled timber, cork, concrete and slate floors; furniture and joinery. This product will clean, protect and improve the surface. Classic Microwax is made from carnauba wax, emulsified in purified water with essential oils, it dries to an extremely hard and durable finish. The secret of this formulation is the tiny molecular size of the wax, enabling constant use without creating a film or build up on the surface of the timber.  An easy to apply liquid which can also be buffed undiluted onto an oiled floor or bench to provide a rich patina. Most importantly, floors finished with Java Resin Oil or Osmo Polyx Oil should be damp mopped weekly using 3 capfuls of Microwax in your wash water, to maintain and improve the surface. To purchase simply choose a size below and the Add to Cart button will appear!
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