Timber finishes from nature

Natural House Company are the proud creators of Java Classic Resin Oil and Java High Solid Oil. New Zealand's two favourite alternatives to polyurethane.

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Natural House Company’s finishes are blended using Tung Nut Oil, Tree Resins, Plant Waxes, Micro Earthen Pigments, Essential Oils, Lead Free Dryers, Pure Solvents … and lots of passion. Most of our oils are made by us here in New Zealand, finishes that combine time honoured ingredients with the best of todays understanding.

We can proudly claim that a timber floor finished with our ‘Java Oil’ and easily maintained with the ‘Microwax System’, will provide a floor for life … never needing to be sanded again. Java High Solid Oil is used on the floors of many homes, galleries, restaurants and commercial buildings nationwide.

Natural House Company is proud to partner New Zealand Sustainable Forest Products and Hardie & Thomson … businesses at the forefront of providing their customers with solutions for Health Based Building.

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Fair Trade – Fair Price

We applaud the principles of fair and sustainable trading. Our raw materials and imported products are sourced from sustainable growers and responsible manufactures, at a fair price.

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